What’s the deal with people filing lawsuits years after something happens?

The tenth season of Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee kicked off last month, but according to a report from TMZ, the head comedian behind the wheel allegedly nicked the idea from a person named Christian Charles back in 2002. For the record, that was a full 10 years before Jerry Seinfeld’s quirky program first launched, not to mention the six years that have passed since. Now, Charles is suing Seinfield for an undisclosed amount and a mention in the show’s credits.

As the story goes, Charles pitched the concept to Seinfeld, who turned down the offer back in 2002. TMZ claims to have documents that show Seinfeld got back with Charles in 2011 to revisit the idea, and apparently the comedian’s team began putting plans together to make it happen. The suit allegedly claims that Seinfeld was not happy with Charles throwing his weight around, claiming ownership of the show and wanting a big paycheck. That was when Seinfeld reportedly bumped Charles off the program.

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The internet series started off rather quietly on Crackle, but quickly picked up steam to become a staple among auto enthusiasts and Seinfeld fans alike. Last year, Seinfeld inked a Netflix deal that included many things, with the show being among them. The current season is the first to originally air on Netflix, though all the previous seasons are available for streaming as well. According to TMZ, Charles says Seinfeld is making $750,000 per episode.

We’re not suggesting the timing of the lawsuit is convenient, given the show’s significant step up from Crackle to Netflix. One can’t help but wonder, however, why these grievances weren’t brought up sooner. In an update to the story, TMZ says Seinfeld’s attorney called the lawsuit “delusional” and stated that the show was independently created by the comedian.

Source: TMZ

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