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Pranking your significant other is a complicated decision to make. If things go well, you both enjoy a good laugh, but a worst-case scenario could mean a night sleeping on the couch. The wife in this video takes the challenge even higher by messing with her husband on Valentine's Day and having her practical joke affect his "prized" Nissan Qashqai. The effort just doesn't seem worthwhile, unless you're a couple that runs a YouTube channel that thrives on a couple finding ways to embarrass each other. 

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The wife behind LadBaby on YouTube waits until her husband leaves, and when the coast is clear, she absconds with his Nissan to get the wrap. She then surprises her hubby by picking him up with the newly decorated vehicle. While he clearly isn't impressed, the guy doesn't blow his top by having his wife's face festoon the rear portion of the car. 

She also left him quite a few messages across the car's interior like: "I love my wife," "Honk if you love my wife," "Happy wife happy life," "Yesss Maaaaate," and "This car is being tracked by my wife" on the roof. She makes sure to include the couple's LadBaby branding, so the Nissan now doubles as a rolling billboard for their channel, too. 

In the grand scheme of couple pranks, this is fairly mild. The husband can easily remove the wrap when it gets too embarrassing for him. However, his wife warns that he needs to keep the decoration in place for at least a little while. He counters that he intends to hide her picture with a car cover when the Nissan is parked. 

Source: LadBaby Official via YouTube

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