What is this odd thing? A new EV concept from Kia is being set for a Paris introduction. The story inside.

Kia will use their stage at the Paris Motor Show to host an unveiling of a new urban design study.  The Kia Pop is an all-electric three-meter long vehicle that seats three.

We just can't figure out how the car seats three.  The bench seat in the front only has spaces for two seatbelts, and is curved in a way as to set the driver back a bit while bringing the front passenger more forward.  It looks as though a third passenger could sit behind the seats, but the exterior design of the car suggests this to be quite an uncomfortable fit.

This is disappointing, as the car is more than 300mm longer than the Smart ForTwo, and a smidgen longer than the Toyota/Scion iQ four-seater.  Then again, Kia engineers would have needed a place to store the batteries for this EV, and that certainly takes up space.

The Kia Pop will get its debut in Paris on September 30.  Hopefully, the automaker will tell a little bit about the car's capabilities, as well as their future plans for alternative energy vehicles.

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