That 6.2-litre V8 AMG “One Man” Engine is Now Underneath the Feet of those Who Aren’t Too Shy to Let Rip on the Freeway With a 525 BHP Machine, and No ESP. Welcome New SL 63 AMG

Images and engine details have surfaced that take the new SL 63 AMG to its own heights. AMG has not been too shy to exploit the potential of the 6.2-litre V8, going as much as 450kW/ 603 bhp in some models (limited only by the inability of engineers to cool down the unit effectively). But we know there’s more potential here. For now though the SL 63 is the new one to watch.

Several changes have been made to differentiate the car from its predecessor, something crucial in dealing with “facelifts” as it were. A new AMG spoiler lip has been inserted, giving the car an edgy feel to it. Darkened bi-xenon headlights exude style and power, while the radiator grille is painted gloss black. We don’t have the entire catalogue of pictures yet, but in white it should contrast brilliantly with this grille.

The SL 63 AMG unit wears 19-inch alloy wheels, which, with all due respect, are more common to VW GTI types nowadays. A larger wheel may have been called for at this level of car. At the rear tail lights are darker too, with AMG-encrypted, chromed twin-oval pipes displaying what the car is capable of, in a straight line at least. Most of us will be used to this end of it anyway. Oh, the bonnet/ hood is new too; sharp, kinky, very C-Class like.

Inside the AMG sports seats are standard in nappa leather upholstery. Things like AMG sports steering, AMG instrument cluster and carbon-fiber trim complete the interior picture.

Now that I’ve bored you to drooling stage, can we talk about the real reason you are reading this? Yes, there is a 6.2-litre V8 underneath there. It is not accompanied by force-feeding, but does produce a healthy dose of some 386kW/ 525 bhp. And guess what? The ESP can be switched off in three stages. Time to hold on tight then! The new MCT 7-speed sports transmission is in effect, and should change much quicker than the standard 7-speed G-Tronic. Yet another double-clutch system? Sure looks it. High-performance brakes and a new AMG sports suspension come with the package, as well as a speed-sensitive steering wheel system.

Mercedes SL 63 AMG - First Detail and Images