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WWE wrester John Cena isn't backing down from a court battle with Ford over allegedly selling his new Ford GT before the 24-month ownership period in the contract. Now, Cena's legal team have asked the court to throw out the case because the stipulation for keeping the supercar for two years wasn't in the final contract. Legal documents obtained by Motor Authority have pointed to the possibility of a more complicated situation, though. 

More About Cena's Lawsuit:

Cena signed multiple contracts before buying the Ford GT, and not all of them mentioned the 24-month ownership stipulation. The order confirmation for the supercar included the anti-flipping clause, and Cena signed this document on January 28, 2017, according to Motor Authority. However, the final purchase agreement that Cena autographed on October 12, 2017 just before taking delivery didn't include the caveat about keeping the vehicle for two years. This later document was the one Cena's legal team cited in the request to dismiss the case. However, it's easy to see how Ford's lawyers could argue that the earlier agreement as a binding contract. 

It'll be up to the judge to sort out the complaint.

John Cena 2017 Ford GT

The documents that Motor Authority obtained also provided more info about Cena's GT. He paid a total of $460,000 for it, including $5,000 for the Liquid Blue exterior color, $250 for a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and $3,750 for destination. 

The filing didn't mention how much Cena sold the GT for, but he didn't keep the car very long. News broke in early November that he took delivery of the vehicle. By December 1, Ford had already filed a legal complaint against him alleging breach of contract and requested $500,000. 

The outcome of this case is still far from clear. One possibility is that the two sides could come to settlement out of court. Alternatively, Cena could challenge Ford's legal team to a steel cage match at Wrestlemania. We know which option would be more entertaining to see.

Source: Motor Authority, TMZ

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