Chevrolet put the cherry on top of the C7’s cake back in November last year with the debut of the mighty 755-horsepower ZR1, but we’re sure many people are more interested in seeing the once elusive mid-engined Corvette. Latest intel suggests we will have to patiently wait until at least January 2019 to see the C8, but thankfully new spy content has emerged this week to help us get through all of these months of waiting.


Shot from inside a supercharged C5 Corvette, the footage was recorded on the twisty roads of the San Jacinto Mountains in southern California and shows a convoy of fully camouflaged C8 prototypes. A total of four test vehicles were spotted, all exhibiting the wide hips you would come to expect from a mid-engined sports car.

The fact that we’re not able to hear the soundtrack generated by those prototypes is not all that bad considering the aural experience provided by the car from where the videos were shot is music to our ears. By the way, the supercharged C5 had approximately 1,000 horsepower on tap, according to the owner.


It would seem the prototypes had the full production bodies or at least most of the final bits and pieces, including presumably one of the rumored engines set to power the C8. One of them is a biturbo 5.5-liter unit with as much as 850 horsepower, while another could be a smaller 4.2-liter engine with roughly 650 hp and also a pair of turbos.

As a refresher, the C8’s arrival won’t spell the end of the C7 as it is believed the two generations will peacefully coexist for several years. The two will allegedly share the familiar naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine until 2021 when the current Corvette will presumably ride off into the sunset and allow the C8 to grab all the attention.

Seeing prototypes out in the open serves as a sign that Chevy is in an advanced testing phase with the C8, so that rumor about a Detroit debut early next year seems plausible.

Source: Corvette Forum via Corvette Blogger


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