G-Power M5 Sets New World Speed Record of 360km/h, With 537kW Available to Use

A hurricane just hit the city. No, make that a tsunami! A while back WCF reported on the 340km/h per hour M5 tuned by G-Power. Now that speed has evaporated as G-Power obliterated it with the new car.

Based on the 378kW/ 507 bhp BMW M5, the Hurricane is probably a force second only to a Mike Tyson right hook to the left jaw. Last week the specially-tuned vehicle reached a top speed of 360km/h at the Papenburg high speed track, and the speed appears to be legit and official. This would make the G-Power M5 Hurricane the fastest road-legal BMW in the world, subject to any valid objections from other tuners.

If you think about the fact that the hero of every little boy’s bedroom wallpaper, Bugatti’s Veyron, is only 47km/h faster, then you begin to realise just how potent this thing is. No information yet on what sort of tyres it was running on or the fuel used etc. But we know it runs the same 5.0-litre V10, but using something called a G-Power Evo II supercharging system to produce a staggering 537kW. It uses one belt-driven compressor for each cylinder bank which has a claimed efficiency rate of 80 percent, meaning that most of the power goes to the wheels where it belongs, and not to the ozone where it causes us enemies like Al Gore.

The supercharger is also compact so G-Power is able to install two of them, boosting pressure to a limited .05 bar.

G-Power M5 Hurricane Sets World Record