Renault Kangoo to Be "Tortured" By Homer, Bart and The Rest of The Simpsons

Ficticious family The Simpsons are breaking out of their radiation-infested town of Springfield. In a Renault Kangoo.

Renault is running a new ad campaign in partnership with 20th Century Fox L&M, Publicis and The Simpsons which is to be featured in 29 countries across the globe from 9 February. Success depends on whether Bart Simpson, the renegade boy child of Marge and Homer Simpson, behaves himself and does not make off with the car. Should this not happen, the family will be shown driving out into the real world in the Kangoo, experiencing its versatility by allowing Homer for example, to store all his hamburgers in all the storage facilities available.

The entire whacky Simpson family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Abraham, the grandfather, is meant to fit inside the car. With this new unique campaign Renault aim to show the public that it can be offbeat while remaining true to its core values of reliability, human and enthusiastic.

Ever since Matt Groening created the Simpsons cartoon show in 1989, the hit series has run 400 episodes and spun a movie. Good thing Homer, whose driving credentials are suspect at best, will not be driving a real Renault Kangoo.

New Renault Kangoo Ad Campaign with The Simpsons