Land Rover and Jaguar production could take place in India and China within a year. Find out more inside.

In an effort to continue cutting costs while expanding sales at Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors will begin Land Rover assembly at factories in India and China.  Tata, based in India, is also discussing potential joint ventures with firms in China to develop in assembly facility in that country.

The move would likely decrease the cost of exporting vehicles for Australian and Asian markets.  A possibility does exist that vehicles produced in India and China could also be distributed in other markets worldwide.

Strong performances at Jaguar Land Rover helped Tata Motors post a net profit of 19.9 billion rupees ($429.6 million) from April to June 2010.  Jaguar Land Rover's profit alone was 16.3 billion rupees ($348 million).  This represents a significant improvement over the 3.3 billion rupee loss at Tata for the same quarter in 2009, when JLR also lost money.

Tata's strong results were better than experts had anticipated, helping boost its share price by over four percent.

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