Find out what type of sound system one German firm thinks a high performance car should feature. The story inside.

Tuners at CarFilmComponents's Styling Station have worked out a scheme to pump up the performance capabilities of the Volkswagen Golf GTI MKVI, while adding in a sound system almost guaranteed to cause a degree of deafness.

Based in Neuss, Germany, the folks at CFC Styling Station offer an engine computer unit upgrade for €799, that bumps up power to 265 hp (200 kW) and 390 Nm of torque.  The company's latest show car features a €1,238 Eisenmann exhaust with a €1,000 stainless steel set of tailpipes and a MR CarDesign down pipe.  They also use an ap-X screw thread "that can be adjusted according to height and hardness," for €749.

The car's looks are rounded out with 8x19-inch ASA GT2 wheels wrapped in 225/35 R19 tires for €1,999.  Matte silver metallic paint can also be added for €1,500.

However, it appears CFC is most proud of the HiFi audio system.  They start with a Pioneer system with four output stages and a master/slave subwoofer.  Rainbow supplies the high- and mid-range speakers and woofers.  Spare batteries were needed to help power the system, which also includes AIV cabling.  The whole audio system goes for €999.  CFC neglected to mention the wattage.

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