Claimed to be fastest coaster in the world, it is set to offer one of the most exhilarating coaster-ride experiences.

From 0 to 217 km/h in just 2.5 seconds; we rarely get to see or feel such extraordinary acceleration. This is soon to become a run of the mill at the Nürburgring, when the “Race Coaster” opens its doors in 2009. The Coaster is the star attraction of the upcoming theme park and the project “Nürburgring 2009", which is designed to draw more visitors to this renowned race course. Claimed to be the fastest coaster in the world, it is set to offer an exhilarating coaster-ride experience .

Located parallel to the racing track and covering a length of 1.2 kilometers, the Coaster shares the same starting point as the race track. Visitors to the Nürburgring can now savor the same experience as race drivers who sweep the tracks at soaring speeds.

Passengers board the Coaster at the indoor station, and from there the Coaster heads down to the starting point. Using compressed-air launching technology, the Coaster then accelerates to 217 km/h drive within 480 meters, and turns into a sharp curve. The Coaster route leads back through the Boulevard and will end at the indoor station again.

Talking about the Coaster itself, each of the two four-car coaches is capable of carrying eight passengers at a time. It will be built by leading coaster builder S&S Power, who is one of the most experienced companies in the field of compressed-air launched coasters.




Roller Coaster Planned for Nürburgring