What do the Stratos and the Jaguar XJ220 prototype have in common? Find out inside.

Our thanks to eagle-eyed WCF reader Peter, who spotted some impressive similarities between photos in our recent article about the Lancia Stratos revival and previously-published pics of the Jaguar XJ220.  It appears both sets of photos were taken atop the Pininfarina factory in Cambiano, Italy.

It makes us wonder if the owner of the mysterious Stratos is the same as the one-off heavily redesigned Jag, Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah.  Bolkiah is an obsessive car fanatic, who reportedly owns over 130 Koenigsegg units, 450 Ferraris, and 600 Rolls-Royces, one of which is the last Phantom VI.  He also owns several one-offs, like the Bentley Dominator and the Bentley Java.

His collection totals over 7,000 cars.  It would not be surprising if the Stratos was amongst them.  We hope the car is not condemned to a life inside one of the Sultan's five aircraft hangar/vehicle storage facilities.  It would be nice to know that the car gets driven around at least once in a while.

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