Find out what the F1-inspired Exos T125 has to offer, how much it costs, and what you get for your money, inside.

This lightweight, 650-kilogram F1-inspired car is a new limited edition offering from Lotus.  The Lotus Exos Type 125 will be produced in a series of just 25 units, with some published reports suggesting a million euro pricetag.

The car uses a 3.5-liter Cosworth V8 engine that produces 650 bhp (485 kW / 659 PS) with a 10,300 rpm redline.  It will feature a push-to-pass button as well, increasing the redline by 500 rpm, and a F1-style semi-automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.  With the low weight, this affords a power to weight ratio of nearly 1,000 hp per ton, giving lucky drivers an exhilarating ride.  The weight is kept to a minimum thanks to a carbon fiber monocoque, carbon fiber suspension and carbon ceramic brakes.

For its exterior, the car can be painted in any number of classic Lotus liveries, including green/yellow and yellow.  Inside, the driver will get the full experience of an F1 car with the help of an information display mounted in the steering wheel.

"The reality is though, it is a very easy car to run and maintain," said Lotus Motorsports' Stephen Wright in an interview.  "You don't actually need to have a big group of people to run the car, if you want to go to the track and have a track day yourself."

Indeed, that is a big selling point for the car, which is capable of running 4,500 km between services.

Those who buy the car will also be brought into the Exos owners' club, which will organize event dates to help buyers improve their "driver stamina", and become better operators of the car.  These events may include training sessions from pros like Mika Häkkinen and Jarno Trulli.  The Lotus Exos T125 will be built in Norfolk, England, with the first ten units being delivered in spring 2011, and the remainder going out by next summer.

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