Land Rover is Offering An Awesome Four Days of Wild Experiences Out in Moab, Utah, for Anyone Who's Into the Adventure Lifestyle Thing

When nature calls…When you gotta go, you gotta go! Adventure specialists, or those who dislike the comfort of their own beds at home, are being called by their numbers to join Land Rover for the Land Rover Moab Adventure, taking place in Moab, Utah.

Off-road enthusiasts with a knack for the outdoors, lots of sun and a general love for vehicles that feel much better outside the normal tarmac confines, can be part of this adventure. I’ve been to one of these Land Rover experiences in the sinky deserts of Namibia, and I can vouch that it’s one of the most exhilarating outdoor experiences out there, so to speak. The main aim of course, is to show off the capabilities of the brand that practically invented off-road – although it may be technically true that Model T Ford did a fair amount of this type of driving in places where they had no roads to speak of.

The Moab Adventure goes on for four days and three nights, ending up along the mighty Colorado River. This should be an awesome place to really go at these vehicles with. Best of all, according to the organisers, one doesn’t have to have any off-road experience at all, although a valid driver’s license would be key.

Land Rover Offers Off-Road Adventure