How do we know for sure? The words come from JLR parent company chairman Ratan Tata himself. Find out what he said, inside.

Growth in sales at Jaguar Land Rover could spur development of a few new models, according to Tata Motors chairman Ratan N. Tata.  JLR, made up of two iconic British automakers, was purchased by Tata Motors in 2008 from Ford.

Amidst two straight quarters of profit, on the backs of new products at JLR, Tata is looking to keep the momentum moving.  This is especially true at Jaguar, where the executive expressed pleasure with the popularity of the Jaguar XF and XJ sedans.

"Jaguar cars are regaining the confidence of customers as being reliable, in addition to being high-performance, with great road-handling and occupant safety," Tata said in an annual report released last month.

"The Company is considering widening the product range of Jaguar cars by introducing a station wagon, a new entry-level Jaguar, and a new roadster," he continued.  The possibility exists that one, or more, of these models may be manufactured in China, and not the U.K.

For Tata, this may be the last major move he makes at JLR.  Tata has announced that he will retire in December 2012.

You can download the entire 132-page report from the Tata Motors website.