The hardtop SLC-Class is an interesting choice for a modern upgrade because they're such a rare sight.

In a new video, Clarion Builds teases its latest project that at the very least should bring modern infotainment tech to a classic Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class, a generation known internally with the contemporary SL-Class as the R107 and C107. The clip shows the German grand tourer receiving a major interior upgrade with luxurious-looking rich brown leather. It hints at something more potent under the hood, too.

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Briefs shots in the video show marks on the SLC's front fenders and Clarion Builds looking at the chassis schematics. This suggests the company could modify the underpinnings to accept a modern powerplant. Where the R107 SL-Class roadster lasted nearly two decades on the market from 1971 to 1989, the SLC-Class, which shared the same platform, only survived until 1981.The largest powerplant ever originally available in the United States was a 4.5-liter V8, but a more powerful 5.0-liter was on offer in Europe.

Clarion Builds doesn't hint at its plans for the coupe, but if it really wants to modernize the SLC, then fitting Mercedes-AMG's modern 4.0-liter biturbo V8 would be quite an interesting upgrade. Even the most basic variant of this modern mill would roughly double the output of even the most powerful factory example of the original model.

The SLC was the grand touring variant of the SL-Class. It had a fixed metal roof, rather than a folding fabric top. This change allowed for the fitment of a small rear seat.

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Clarion Builds has been adept as creating impressive restomods. For an updated Acura NSX (gallery above), it fitted a supercharged 3.2-liter V6 with an impressive 465 horsepower (346 kilowatts). Inside, the 1990s supercar featured Clarion's range-topping multimedia system, high-end speakers, 360-degree cameras, and laser/radar detectors. Before the NSX, the firm put similar effort into updating a 1974 BMW 2002.

Source: Clarion USA via YouTube

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