What does thirty thousand pounds buy you in the UK? Find out, inside.

Customers in the U.K. interested in picking up the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari will have to shell out £29,600 (€35,500) to pick up a right-hand drive model.  An improvement on the Abarth 500, itself an improvement on the Fiat 500C, the 695 Tributo will be limited to 152 units.

The car uses a 1368 cc turbocharged engine that produces 180 hp (134 kW) and up to 250 Nm of torque.  While delivering combined fuel economy of 43.3 mpg (UK), the 695 still manages to hit 100 km/h in seven seconds.  The car's top speed is 140 mph.

Abarth says they wanted to create a vehicle "with stunning performance matched to perfect day-to-day usability."  Its performance is highlighted by a Scuderia Red paint job, grey racing stripes outlined in black, Corsa Grey 17-inch alloy wheels, and matching grille.  It also has carbon fiber wing mirrors.

"Abarth and Ferrari are both iconic names in Italian automotive history," said Abarth UK chief Ivan Gibson in a press release. "Their passion and dedication helped to create a reputation for sporting excellence in Italian cars around the world, and this new Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari upholds that tradition with some style."

The car also features the Abarth Competizione electro-hydraulic semi-automatic gearbox that can be controlled by paddle shifters.  A dashboard-mounted Sport button gives a racier setting to the engine control unit, gearbox and steering.  Stability control, torque transfer, dual-mode exhaust, sport seats and a leather steering wheel are all part of the package along with five airbags, Xenon headlights, Bluetooth-capable infotainment system, climate control, and power steering.

Special orders will soon be accepted at the 17 Abarth dealerships in the UK.

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