Every week until its debut, more information will be released about the Pininfarina Sintesi concept car. Combining sport, style, functionality, and comfort, the Sintesi hydrogen/electric hybrid comes out at Geneva.

Every week until its debut, more information will be released about the Pininfarina Sintesi concept car.  Coming out in the form of the virtual Sintesi Magazine, the car's website has already featured two issues packed with designs, diagrams, drawings, and close ups of what might be the most intriguing concept to hit the auto show circuit this year. 

Sintesi, Italian for "synthesis," has its name because of the "synthesis of beauty, sportiness and functionality," according to the first edition of the magazine.  Pininfarina engineers came to this decision by deciding that a composite of the supercar inspired Birdcage 75th and the city/functional Nido concepts could produce a revolution in the auto industry.  What makes this electric/hydrogen hybrid so unique is the decision to not only utilize the futuristic style, carbonfibre body, and 700 horsepower engineeing with the build-the-car-around-the-driver functionality of the demure Nido.

For Pininfarina's first concept in three years, engineers designed the Sintesi with the notion of "liquid packaging" in their minds.  The term is meant to represent the fluidity available when assembling a unibody by breaking down large parts and putting them back together in a creative way.

The most innovative idea we know of at this point is that the Sintesi will be powered by fuel cells and batteries placed all around the vehicle, instead of stacked together in the boot.  Pininfarina claims this has not only allowed them to create a more user-friendly cabin, but it appears the weight will be more evenly balanced than most other alternative fuel vehicles.

Each week, a new edition of Sintesi Magazine will come out, leading up to the Pininfarina Sintesi concept debut at Geneva.  You can sign up for the magazine at the Sintesi website.

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