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The first comments of auto enthusiasts from around the world right after the debut of the new generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class were quite polarizing. Some praised the major overall improvement over the outgoing model, but others were not thrilled by the design that pretty much copies the larger CLS-Class.

Now Made in Hungary and with a diesel co-developed with Renault:

So far we’ve only seen official press photos of the car, which, frankly, don’t tell the whole story. YouTuber walkoART comes to help with a new video, showing the new A-Class in German traffic towing a trailer.

The short clips reconfirms the A-Class is indeed looking like a smaller CLS, at least at the front. That’s not quite surprising, as Mercedes has already announced the so-called “Predator” grille the two share and the sharp headlights, which will be “dedicated to our most progressive cars,” are found on the A and CLS because they are both “very design-oriented” cars.

Taking another look at the video above, the new A-Class has a completely different stance compared to the model that’s still on sale. It is wider and lower, and has a slightly longer wheelbase and bigger wheels. All these factors contribute to a sportier appearance and a roomier interior.

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class
2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The more angular look also plays a key role. The soft lines of its predecessor are replaced by sharp and boxy shapes, which create quite an angry face. At the back, gone are the bulbous taillights, in their place are a set of brand new sculpted taillights that stretch from the edge of the license plate frame to the rear quarter panel.

While the exterior might be polarizing, there’s no denying that the interior of the car is brilliant. It features Mercedes’ new corporate two-screen layout, dominating the dashboard, which is also home to a completely revised climate controls and a center console. The steering wheel is also brand new and comes with design and features inspired by the flagship S-Class.

Source: walkoART on YouTube

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