Toyota has, once again, applied for a trademark of the Supra name. Speculation seems to suggest it could be used on the production version of the FT-86 concept.

According to a recent report, Toyota's lawyers made a little mistake as they let the company's ownership of the Supra name expire.

Before you start worrying about a Tata Nano-based Supra, rest assured, Toyota has once again applied for the trademark after a four-year lapse.

While this could mean nothing (companies routinely protect names they've previously used), it wouldn't be surprising if Toyota decided to slap the Supra label on the production version of the FT-86 concept. Despite being speculation, it seems like a logical choice given the FT-86 is scheduled to launch in November 2011. Of course, if we want to be optimistic, Toyota could be preparing another sportscar - like the FT-HS concept - for a Supra revival.

Regardless of what happens, stayed tuned to WCF for continuing coverage of the Supra saga.

Toyota applies for second trademark on Supra name