Deliveries of this new rear-mounted engine sports car are expected to start in mid-2008

Almost exactly one year ago, a small sports car drew all attentions at the Geneva Motor Show. Artega GT had a little stand, compared to other automakers, but it was one of the main attractions at the Swiss event, even when presented only as a possibility. Designed by Henrik Fisker, the creator of the Fisker Karma and other interesting machines, the Artega GT was soon afterwards confirmed for mass production and the start was scheduled for mid-2008. It was more than natural to expect that the final version of the car would also be presented in Geneva. And it will.

The production version of the Artega GT kept most of its main characteristics, such as the rear-mounted engine, a position that has recently only been used by the Porsche 911 and that seems to be returning, as the Volkswagen up! and the Tata Nano already have demonstrated. In fact, the 3.6 V6 VW engine the Artega GT uses is positioned right over the rear axel, allowing the dynamics to be more predictable than if the engine was put after it.

The Artega GT will have a run of 500 units, but, according to the demand, we would bet its production may be extended. The base price of the car is € 74,983 and includes, besides the nice looks and an aluminum spaceframe covered by a carbon-fiber reinforced body, ABS, air bags both for driver and passenger (the Artega GT is a two-seater), ASP and bi-xenon headlights.

The new German wonder is 3.95 m long, 1.88 m wide and 1.18 m tall. As in all real sports cars, it is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The 3.6 V6 engine with direct fuel injection can deliver 300 bhp at 6,600 rpm and is controlled by VW’s DSG gearbox. Curiously, it is a creation of engineers from paragon, a supplier of electronic parts for vehicles. The supplier’s inheritance can be seen in the central gauge that includes both the speedometer and the tachometer. It must be incredible to see both working together at the speeds the Artega GT can reach (up to 270 km/h). At least 500 lucky fellows will have this chance.

Gallery: Production Ready Artega GT in Geneva