Using the Matryoshka doll design theme has turned out to be a "very successful decision."

The fact that the C-Class Sedan looks very similar when put side by side next to the bigger E-Class Sedan and the flagship S-Class Sedan does not pose a problem for Mercedes. In fact, it’s the exact opposite as chief designer Gorden Wagener has revealed the “very homogenous” design approach for the three core sedans has been very successful for the brand.

The sales numbers certainly do back up his statement considering the C-Class continued to remain the company’s best-seller in 2017, helped greatly by the long wheelbase version built in and sold in China.

In its first full year on the market, the latest E-Class Sedan saw as well a major hike in demand boosted also by the LWB derivative in the People’s Republic where sales of the longer E-Class more than doubled last year.

See the updated C-Class Sedan before its official reveal:

It’s the same story with the range topper taking into account the S-Class facelift enjoyed a double-digit growth in the fourth quarter of 2017, bringing the total to roughly 70,000 units last year.

Wagener was asked whether Mercedes has received any complaints about the fact that its sedans look very much alike. His answer was: “No, no. Only a few journalists mentioned our three limousines are too close to each other, but the customer loves it.” He went on to specify it’s a question that mainly only journalists ask, adding that clients are very fond of this design approach, which you can also see at archrivals BMW and Audi.

2019 Mercedes A-Class Sedan render

Mercedes is currently putting the finishing touches on a refreshed C-Class Sedan due in the months to come with very little exterior tweaks. An additional conventional sedan is about to join the family as the company is preparing an A-Class Sedan (speculatively rendered here) to slot below the CLA and serve as the entry-level model in the United States.

In terms of styling, the A-Class Sedan will look significantly different than its bigger brothers as per Wagener’s statement that outside the C, E, and S sedan trio, Mercedes is playing “a lot with different things.” Like the larger C and E, the A-Class Sedan is expected to spawn a LWB version later this year, according to a product roadmap published by Mercedes.

Source: CarAdvice

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