HPP has released new details about their Daytona conversion package for the Dodge Challenger. Learn more inside.

Following its debut in SEMA last year, HPP has released new details and photos (low res) about their Daytona Concept conversion package for the Dodge Challenger.

Designed to mimic the Plymouth Superbird, the $16,395 base package features a revised front fascia, pop-up headlights, an aluminum hood (with a T/A-style scoop), a massive rear wing, new taillights, and 20-inch wheels. Inside, the cabin receives a modified instrument cluster, a unique shifter, and HHP floor mats.

Options include a ventilated hood ($2391.50 - $2,835.00), ground effects ($2490.63 - $3584.38), painted interior trim ($450.00), and custom seats ($2700.00).

In terms of performance, the company offers three different superchargers ($7,149.95 - $7,388.95 for the 6.1-liter HEMI V8), three KW coilover suspensions ($2,025.00 - $3,595.00), and a Magnaflow exhaust ($1,460.00).

When every item on the menu is selected, the entire package adds up to $41,461 not including the price of the car, of course.

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