Stealing a car is no laughing matter. Often, it leaves someone without vital transportation. They have to get the kids to school or get to work. Someone stealing your car can cause quite the headache. But something strange has been happening at one Niagara Falls Ford dealership. When a 2013 Ford Taurus went missing on one Saturday from Basil Ford, the dealership didn’t immediately report it stolen. That’s because vehicles have been taken in the past only to be returned a few days later. The Taurus was not one of those thefts promptly returned, and it’s still missing.

The Buffalo News says the dealerships told police they “waited to notify police of the stolen vehicle because in the past the stolen vehicles get returned in a day or two.” The dealership reported two vehicles stolen in the last six months. The last time a car was taken, someone found it in a parking lot just up the road.

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In the grand scheme of elaborate car thefts, taking a car from a dealership for just a few days only to return it seems like a lot of work just to get from one point to another. Maybe it’s an elaborate ruse to lower the guard of the dealership only to one day take off with a car with the plan to never to return. We wouldn’t necessarily steal a 2013 Ford Taurus but to each their own. The dealership certainly thought the thief would return the car, waiting until the following Monday to report it stolen. Or maybe it’s a new thief entirely who isn’t too happy about this strangely good-hearted criminal.

So far, the thief hasn’t returned the Taurus, and there have been no arrests. However, police are investigating. It’s possible the thief could still return the car.

Source: The Buffalo News

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