A new X4 will debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show.

If you find the news that the BMW X4 is heading out of production so soon, don’t worry, a refreshed model is expected to debut next month. Production for the current BMW X4 is supposed to end sometime next month. The German automaker has yet to unveil a replacement; however, it should debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The BMW X4’s tenure is short-lived. When BMW announced the X4, it was quite adamant about the crossover’s shortened lifespan. The X4 came to market riding the back of the X3, which had already entered the second half of its life cycle with a refresh, giving the X4 a quick departure before its replacement hits.


The third-gen X3 is now available as an all-new vehicle for 2018. This platform will underpin the upcoming X4. Both will share similar technologies such as safety assistance and infotainment systems. The X4 will also sport an updated, higher-quality interior. Both will likely continue to share similar powertrains as well.

You only have to look at the next-gen’s internal codename to realize how similar it is to the new X3. Inside BMW, the X3 is known as the G01. The forthcoming X4 is called the G02. The X3 is a more traditional crossover with a squared-off rear hatch while the X4 is coupe-like in appearance to give it a sportier stance.

Eagle-eyed spy photographers have captured the X4 testing, often with little to no camouflage. Photos show BMW X4s wearing M40i and M40d badges. The M40i will likely take the engine from the X3 M40i – a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine making 355 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. That’ll make for a quick crossover.

Production on the next-gen X4 should start quickly after the current-gen X4 ceases production.

Source: Bimmertoday.de via BMWblog.com

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