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The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a sharp machine, especially in AMG trim. We assume this particular car – a 2016 Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC sedan – is similarly attractive from the outside but truth be told, we have no idea. Carlex Design sent over this batch of photos showing the company’s latest interior design project, featuring the aforementioned AMG. As such, we’re only given details on the upgraded passenger cabin, but the Carlex press release does mention an exterior redux is in the works so perhaps we'll see more in the future.


If it’s anything like the snazzy interior, it should be a quite a machine to behold. We suspect Alcantara won’t be part of that equation, since it appears Carlex used all of it on the inside. Technically that could be suede since the company actually doesn’t specify what materials were used to transform this Merc’s cabin, but based on previous projects from the lavish interior specialists, Alcantara is a solid guess.

Mercedes-AMG C43 By Carlex Design
Mercedes-AMG C43 By Carlex Design
Mercedes-AMG C43 By Carlex Design
Mercedes-AMG C43 By Carlex Design

Whatever it is, it covers nearly the entire dash, with a small stretch of leather on the passenger side being the only exception. It also encompasses the full headliner and interior pillars, the glove box, steering wheel center, most of the door panels, the sides of the center console, and it’s stitched into the seat covers in roughly a 50/50 mix with leather. The dark color is contrasted with bright highlights that could be red or orange – we’re not sure because Carlex doesn’t offer any information on color, either. We do know, however, that the interior is “bold” and “athletic,” and that it was all “creatively developed.”

The color scheme – whatever shades they are – seem to work pretty well together. We dig the design for the seats too, and the black-stained wood in the door panels is downright delicious. Presumably the owner of this car loves Alcantara, though we’re not sure having it all over the dash is something we'd enjoy.

We'll just say this: it’s certainly everything we’ve come to expect from Carlex.

Source: Carlex Design

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG C43 By Carlex Design

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We would like to share with you the results of our work on Mercedes C43 AMG captured on camera and short note about the project. Please feel free to use our materials and in case of additional questions please feel free to contact.

The history of the model MB C450 / 43 AMG 3.0 Biturbo 367 KM (stock) 2016 4MATIC is interesting, because the car has undergone profound changes and we can say it has been pampered in every inch. Initially, the car had the following serial parameters: 367 hp and 520 Nm and the acceleration was 5.1 sec. / 100km.

After two months, the car was first modified. The power was increased to 425 hp and 550 Nm, which significantly improved the performance - not so much in acceleration, but in maintaining the stability of the speed increase from 120-250km / h.

In the second stage, the car got an exhaust system with Cat Back valves. The system was divided into left and right side, simultaneously the central exhaust pipe was removed. The round and splited exhaust system became more efficient, and the open flaps resulted free flow of exhaust gases. Open flaps increased the power by another 20 HP.

In the third phase, sports catalysts with increased diameters were installed as well as sports air filters. In this phase a new map of engine was created together with increase of turbine parameters. All this resulted in power increase. From that moment, the car can boast a power of of 486KM and 680 Nm, achieving acceleration from 0-100 in 3.9 seconds.

After that modified C43 was taken over by Carlex Design team, where it underwent a complete interior change. Designers created a bold, athletic interior capturing the essence of the Mercedes AMG and emphasizing its aggressive character. All interior elements have been creatively developed. Various materials, structures, contrasts, additions, stitches, quilting, perforations gave the interior AMG's a lot of dynamics. Soon C43 will also receive a new exterior styling and sports rims.

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