There will be eight short-but-sweet episodes for the second season.

Last year, Porsche ran a YouTube series that, as you might image, featured all kinds of cool Porsches. It was called Porsche Top 5 Series, and in short, it was awesome. Topics ranged from the best sounding Porsches to the wildest spoilers, concept cars, and yes, a list of the most memorable and exclusive models of them all. The videos looked fantastic and were generally under five minutes, making them a perfect at-work distraction for gearheads without raising the ire of human resources.

Episode one and two:

Thankfully, Porsche recognized just how good it was, because season two is slated to begin on February 13. Eight new episodes are planned, with the above teaser video saying the theme throughout the run will be “outstanding performance.” The rapid-fire teaser offers a glimpse of what’s to come, and well, we see a little bit of everything. There are race cars, hypercars, vintage and modern machines, and some star power to boot.

Porsche Top 5 Teaser Photos
Porsche Top 5 Teaser Photos

The first episode kicks off with Ansel Elgort of Baby Driver fame, though obviously a red Subaru won’t be a part of the action. Instead, the teaser clip shows the actor getting familiar with the 918 Spyder – a slight step up from a WRX. Whether or not we’ll see any crazy behind-the-wheel antics is unknown, though we do see Elgort having what looks like a speed-related seizure in the passenger seat during an acceleration run. Considering the episode is dedicated entirely to the 918 and its “most stunning features,” we suspect there will be plenty of giddy moments in the short clip.

Porsche should be posting a new episode every week, which means there will be just enough awesomeness from Stuttgart to get us through the waning days of winter. 

Source: Porsche via YouTube

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