The soon-to-be refreshed Jeep Renegade has been spied again, still enjoying a decidedly winter vacation as it was photographed in passing. This latest batch of photos doesn’t reveal anything groundbreaking, though some of the angles do give us a neat look through the mesh coverings up front for a nice glimpse at the telltale Jeep grille. We can see the round headlights clearly as well, though it’s possible these are just placeholders for an all-new light design. There’s a new lower fascia behind the coverings as well, and though there’s quite a bit of camo wrap on the rear, we’re expecting just some minor resculpting.


Jeep Renegade Spy Photo
Jeep Renegade Spy Photo

We do know the refresh is more than just skin deep. Previous spy shots caught the Renegade’s interior with covers removed from the center stack, revealing a new design for the infotainment system. No details are known, but the screen looks bigger and it lacks the buttons found on the current model. The rest of the interior was heavily shielded, but with this being a refresh as opposed to a full-on redesign, we suspect there’s a bit of pomp and circumstance at play with all the coverings. You can see what we mean in the photo gallery below.

Gallery: Jeep Renegade Refresh Spy Shots

There’s also little information thus far with regard to engine options. Carry-over from the current Renegade is likely which means a choice between the 2.4-liter four cylinder or a turbocharged 1.4-liter mill. That’s not to say some extra power couldn’t be found before the new SUV goes on sale. We do expect Jeep to continue offering the Renegade with either all-wheel drive, or a less-expensive front-wheel drive format.

As to when the refresh will be revealed, that’s quite a mystery as well. The rumor mill is very quiet, though with the competitiveness of the compact SUV segment we suspect Jeep won’t twiddle its thumbs in testing. This will almost certainly go on sale for the 2019 model year, so expect a debut in the summer or possibly the fall at a major auto show.

Source: Automedia

Gallery: Jeep Renegade Spy Photos

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