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The Philippines is drawing a firm line in the sand when it comes to crime in the country. By that, we mean crushing cars seized from criminals, because you know, destroying a drug dealer’s 22 year-old Lexus ES 300 will most certainly send a message that crime does not pay. Then again, if you’re driving a rebadged Toyota Camry worth perhaps $1,500, crime isn't paying off anyway. 


The whole thing was staged as a demonstration by the government, headed by President Rodrigo Duterte who apparently has something of an outspoken reputation. According to Autoblog, Duterte watched the event that took place in three separate locations at the same time. The narrator of the video talked about the cars being “condemned” as if the inanimate objects were criminals, then went on to list all of the, ah, luxury vehicles. Yes, there were a few nice rides in there – a BMW Z4 was among the cars on death row, as was an Audi S5, Nissan 350Z, and though a third-generation Chevrolet Corvette isn’t really a luxury car, the sexy Stingray will be missed.

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Most of the cars, however, seemed to be SUVs or older sedans and yes, the aforementioned Lexus was among them. We don't necessarily like seeing cars crushed for no reason, but if we’re honest, nothing here is really pull at our heartstrings. Yes Toyota Land Cruisers can be expensive, but seeing one crushed by a bulldozer ranks right up there with watching socks dry.

The U.S. government – not to mention cities like Los Angeles – have done similar things for quite awhile now and we aren’t sure it makes any different in the world of crime. We’re not legal pros so maybe there is a shock-and-awe affect that someone other than ourselves can track. We can’t help but think that the seized cars would be far more effective if sold, with the money going towards law enforcement, or you know, something to actually address the issue of crime.

The total worth of the cars just crushed by The Philippines was allegedly $2.9 million. That sum would pay the salary of many police officers. Just saying.

Source:  Autoblog, Philippines News Daily

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