The Super Bowl LII ad focuses on the Hyundai Hope On Wheels non-profit organization rather than targeting a particular model.

After a children’s soccer referee drove off in the new Kona crossover to see the Big Game, Hyundai took an entirely different approach with its other Super Bowl ad for this year. Transforming metal detectors into “hope detectors,” the ad isn’t actually about a particular model from the company’s lineup as it primarily turns our attention towards the Hyundai Hope On Wheels. It’s a non-profit organization established back in 1998 with the goal to support life-saving pediatric cancer research and also to raise awareness about the terrible disease.

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Getting back to the ad, the folks going through the so-called “hope detector” who happen to have the keys of a Hyundai are asked by the security staff to head into a separate room for further screening. For every Hyundai key detected, a heart pops up and then each and every person has to go into that darkened room.

Little do they know, those people haven’t actually done anything wrong. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. A rather emotional video begins to play on the screen with pediatric cancer survivors and their families thanking Hyundai owners for their donations. The ad ends with a surprise as the real life pediatric cancer survivors come from behind a false wall to thank Hyundai owners in person.

Hyundai wishes to point out that for every single vehicle it has sold during the last 20 years, a portion of the sale has been donated to the non-profit organization. According to Adweek, the idea behind “Hope Detector” came after a survey conducted by a company revealed that very few of their customers were actually aware that heading into a Hyundai dealership to buy a new car also means that you’re making a donation.

Shot at Hyundai’s NFL Super Bowl Experience driven by Genesis, the 60-second ad marks the tenth time in the last 11 years that Hyundai has advertised during the Super Bowl.

Source: Hyundai

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Hyundai's Super Bowl LII Commercial: "Hope Detector"

  • 60-Second Super Bowl Commercial Captured the Emotional Surprise for Millions of Hyundai Owners Who Made an Impact on Pediatric Cancer
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MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 4, 2018 – Hyundai’s Super Bowl LII Commercial

For the first time ever, Hyundai featured its non-profit organization, Hyundai Hope On Wheels, in its Super Bowl marketing. In an emotional commercial that opens with fans streaming into what they think is part of the Super Bowl Experience driven by Genesis, they enter what appears to be a typical security checkpoint with metal detectors. As part of their process, they place their keys in a bin.

As they go through the device, suddenly a red heart lights up above the heads of Hyundai owners and they are pulled aside for what seems to be a secondary screening. At this point, they enter a darkened room that suddenly lights up with an emotional video of pediatric cancer survivors and their families thanking them for their donation to pediatric cancer research by being a Hyundai owner. The devices outside the room were, in fact, Hope Detectors—detecting the hope that Hyundai owners provided through donations to pediatric cancer research with the purchase of every Hyundai vehicle over the last 20 years.

In an emotional surprise, real life pediatric cancer survivors come from behind a false wall to surprise and thank Hyundai owners in person for their contributions. The emotional union happens as the two families are in tears and hug as they greet each other.