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For a limited time, players of the mobile game Need For Speed No Limits will have the chance to get behind the wheel and race the new BMW M5 in the game. But players better hurry, the car is only available to race from now until February 9 during the game’s Xtreme Racing Championship. Winners of the championship will be able to permanently unlock the vehicle.

The M5 joins a slew of BMW vehicles already available in the game, which includes the 1999 BMW M3 Coupe, 2014 BMW M4 Coupe, and BMW M2. The BMW M5 is the fastest model in the game’s Sport category. This could be the perfect vehicle for winning the championship.


Need For Speed No Limits is the franchise’s first mobile game. So far, there have been 11 billion races completed with the game being downloaded several million times across platforms. The game is available from both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Electronic Arts, the developer of the Need For Speed franchise, and BMW have a long history together. A BMW first appeared in a Need For Speed game back in 1997. Need For Speed Most Wanted got the BMW M3 in 2005 while the BMW M3 GTR appeared in 2009’s Need For Speed Shift. The BMW M2 appeared in the 2015 installment of Need For Speed game.


Mobile games are gaining popularity as devices become more powerful with each new iteration, offering realistic graphics and physics. It only makes sense for BMW to license its latest sport sedan to the mobile game. This will put the car in front of millions of players who may one day have enough money to buy a real M5. Considering how obsessive some gamers are, they could spend hundreds of hours racing the BMW and its slew of stablemates in the game.

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