They have plenty of power, but it takes more than that to get an AWD car sideways.

Friends, we present for your consideration a pair of exciting German high-performance compacts. Mercedes-Benz may have just introduced a new A-Class to the world, but for fans of horsepower the current Mercedes-AMG A45 with its 381-horsepower (280 kW) boosted four cylinder is still the way to go. Its rival for this contest is the Audi RS3, belting out a beautiful song with its inline five that also sports a turbo and a bit more power to boot – 400 hp (298 kW) to be specific.

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If this match up sounds somewhat familiar, it should. We saw the same pair duke it out in a drag race just a couple weeks ago, courtesy of the folks at Spoiler alert – the Audi easily won that contest, but the boys weren’t done putting the Germans to the test. Taking advantage of a comfortably large and empty parking lot, the action shifted from straight-line speed to sideways tomfoolery. After all, with each car offering up a generous helping of horsepower, they can surely muster some opposite-lock excitement. Right?

Audi Vs. Mercedes-AMG Drift Contest
Audi Vs. Mercedes-AMG Drift Contest

If you’ve already watched the video, you know the answer to that question. If you haven’t, consider that each car sends power to all four wheels and the tires are rather sticky. At least, the rear tires have plenty of grip. In what appears to be a serious attempt to get sideways, both cars succumb to some terrific understeer. The Mercedes seems to push the most, but even with a few Scandinavian flic attempts behind the wheel of the Audi, it refused to step out.

To be fair, we have no idea what kind of settings were used, save for traction and stability control apparently being turned off. Also, it doesn’t look like the handbrake was called into play to set up a drift. In this case, it seems to be a strictly power-on attempt at oversteer, and well, both cars failed. Miserably.

Or in other words, we suspect each vehicle behaved exactly as the respective manufacturers wanted in such situations. Now, let’s have some real fun and see the same contest on gravel.


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