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It’s been awhile since we checked in with our favorite YouTube body repair guru, Arthur Tussik. This time around he tackles an Audi Q5 that took an unknown hit to the front. We’ll be honest – this one makes us a bit nervous because the frame rails on the SUV were pointing in some very interesting directions that were not forward. In fact, the bent-up frame is quite surprising considering the rest of the damage doesn’t really look that bad.

Tussik's latest video:

With the crumpled fenders and busted fascia out of the way, Tussik goes to work on the bent frame rails. The right side is clearly the worst, though it only appears to be kinked and not crumpled. We aren’t pros when it comes to frame damage and structural rigidity, but perhaps that lack of crumpling is why this rail was pulled back into shape as opposed to being replaced. And to Tussik’s credit, he does an amazing job getting it lined back up. Still, we’d be a bit nervous in the cockpit, wondering what might happen if the front was subjected to another collision.

The frame rail on the left side was also kinked in the same direction, though it wasn’t quite as severe. You can use the slider tool on the photo below to get an idea just how far out of whack it was.

Audi Q5 Repair
Audi Q5 Repair

The frame repair seemed to take most of the time on this job for Tussik. With everything liked up, it was just a case of bolting on replacement fenders, headlights, and a new front fascia. We do get a unique opportunity to watch an aluminum repair in the clip, as Tussik goes after the kinks in the Audi’s aluminum hood rather than replacing the whole thing. Note the heat gun he uses to make the soft metal more malleable. It may not seem like much, but there’s a considerable amount of talent on display with that seemingly minor fix.

Audi Q5 Repair
Audi Q5 Repair

In the video Tussik says the repair took 10 days, split evenly between metal and paint work. As usual, the end-product looks as good as new, but we hope the Audi’s new owner is in the know about what it took to get it there.

Source: Arthur Tussik via YouTube

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