We look at renderings featuring Porsche, Audi, Mini, Infiniti, Lexus, and Skoda as well.

In the digital pages of Motor1.com we’ve seen many interesting automotive mashups through the renderings of many talented artists and designers. Some of them are fantastic, others not so much. Through all the crazy futuristic hypercar designs and fish-out-of-water creations, however, we’ve never seen vans or work vehicles. That is, until now.

The nine creations you’re about to see all come from Aksyonov Nikta, a designer with considerable skill and all kinds of interesting renders on Bēhance.net. For this journey into uncharted territory, however, we’ll look at nine concepts – seven vans and two van-based trucks – from manufacturers that currently offer nothing of the sort. Who knows, perhaps in 10 years when people are sick of SUVs, the large van market just might take off again.

Source:  Bēhance.net  

Other interesting renderings:

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