It also explains why Porsche vehicles are profoundly passionate with a penchant for perfection.

Porsche wants you to know three things. First of all, the automaker from Stuttgart builds the best braking systems in the world. We know this because the above video uses words like unequivocal, uncompromising, and the always spiffy-sounding epitome when describing just how awesome Porsche brakes are.

Second, Porsche brakes are huge so the sheer size could lead to some variation in how the pads wear, leading to noise. To quote the video directly, “necessity dictates that the Porsche brake systems be designed with large rotors and pads. Due to the larger pad surfaces, pad pressure distribution can vary when the brakes are applied at low speed, increasing the propensity for brake squeal.”

Porsche Brakes
Porsche Brakes
Porsche Brakes

That leads us to the third must-know item: Brakes sometimes squeal – even those from Porsche, which if you recall from the first paragraph are the best braking systems in the world – but such noise usually means there is absolutely nothing wrong. That covers about 30 seconds of this four-minute clip, with the rest being a highbrow sales pitch on the greatness of Porsche told through an admittedly impressive use of alliteration. Our favorite has to be decibel driven disturbance to describe brake squeal. Porsche, we’re totally going to steal that line and use it later.

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The video does provide a very good description of exactly what happens when your brakes squeal. We’ll leave all the technical terminology to the clip, but the gist is that all things vibrate at a resonant frequency, and when the right amount of force is applied to the brake rotors, they can act like speakers and broadcast sound. That said, most brake pads have a tab that will lightly contact the rotor when the pad material is nearly worn out, which can also squeal. In this case, it's not okay – it means the squealing you hear is about to become a grinding noise unless you replace your pads right quick.

In other words, if your brakes are squealing, give them a quick check. If there's plenty of pad, motor on and embrace the noise.

Source: Porsche via YouTube


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