When BMW says "lighting up your lust" you know it's going to be good.

What is BMW Individual? It has something to do with, ah, being an individual that owns a BMW. We know that’s not terrifically descriptive, but we’re pretty sure it’s not related to a shirtless guy shooting a flaming arrow, or a chess piece, or weird art, all of which makes an appearance in this video, not to mention a dead sexy M4 Coupe.

So, is BMW Individual the kind of weird mind trip you take when you experience the awesomeness of an M4? Not exactly. In reality, it’s a customization service the manufacturer offers on several models. Through BMW Individual, buyers can choose various options, trims, and colors for both the interior and exterior. That sounds pretty much like the choices any automaker offers, but BMW Individual goes further. Much further.

Hotter M4 coming:

Whereas your Mercedes-Benz might offer a handful of exterior color options, BMW Individual provides more than 100. It also allows customers to color coordinate with various exterior trim pieces as well, so if you really want a body-colored grille, you can get one. Similar detail can be found inside with colors and materials – mix Alcantara with silk, or just go all leather, and if you want contrasting stitching in certain colors, you got it.

BMW Individual M4
BMW Individual M4
BMW Individual M4
BMW Individual M4

Or, you can order up one of the Individual edition cars that BMW creates from time to time, like the subject of this video which is a BMW M4 Individual finished in a devilishly stunning Ruby Red metallic. The M4 is already a great looking car, and just about any machine looks good in red. With the black carbon fiber roof and black kidney grille mirrored inside with a black/red interior, this machine is positively gorgeous.

BMW Individual has been around for over 25 years, and as long as cars like this keep showing up, we hope for at least 25 more.

Source: BMW via YouTube 

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