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Oh Lincoln, we can always count on you to deliver us from the mediocrity of automotive advertising. By that, we pretty much the exact opposite . . . or do we? Here’s the thing when it comes to Lincoln commercials and Matthew McConaughey – we don’t know what the hell to make of it. And yet, we’re sucked into the transcendental clips all the same, just like cross-country road trippers visiting the world’s largest ball of wax. There’s nothing to see and it has absolutely no relevance to real life. But you just have to stop and check it out.

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This latest trip has McConaughey behind the wheel of a new Lincoln Navigator, a properly massive SUV that we’re rather fond of. Actually, we’re very fond of it, from the bold-yet-elegant exterior styling to the incredibly spacious interior with updated tech. It’s a handsome hauler that’s also 200 pounds lighter thanks to an infusion of aluminum, and with a 450-horsepower biturbo six sourced from the F-150 Raptor under hood, it’s rather dynamic to boot.

Lincoln Navigator Commercial
Lincoln Navigator Commercial

The new commercial, on the other hand, doesn’t really convey any of that. There are some exterior shots, but the crux of the action involves a very metaphysical McConaughey contemplating, something. He’s headed to somewhere "uncharted" in his new Lincoln Navigator, though apparently someone knew he was coming because there’s a nifty ramp waiting for him at the end of the ferry ride. And did anyone else think the book he had in his lap was actually Sean Connery's Holy Grail diary from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Here’s hoping McConaughey chooses wisely, because we know what happens when someone chooses poorly.

We will give Lincoln some credit. As abstract as these commercials are, they do at least differ from the norm. And the Navigator is certainly worthy of attention.

Source:  Lincoln Motor Company via YouTube

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Photo by: Steven Ewing
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