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Mercedes-Benz revealed its Digital Light headlights in December as the firm's latest innovation in illuminating the road, and a new spy video has caught the company testing the tech on public streets. This evaluation suggests that the company is serious about bringing this cutting-edge system to showrooms.

Each Digital Light headlight features a chip with over one million micromirrors. The system uses sensors to monitor what's in front of the vehicle and can then adjust the brightness from each one of the micromirrors. This gives the tech some very impressive capabilities. For example, it can detect oncoming vehicles or pedestrians and direct the light away from their eyes to prevent dazzling them.  


Gallery: Mercedes-Benz Digital Light headlights

The sensors can also detect road signs. For example, if the driver is coming up to a stop sign, the lights can project an image of it on the road. This gives owners an extra reminder about what is about to happen.

"With our ‘Digital Light’ strategy we are not striving for beam records, rather we want to achieve optimum vision and maximum brightness without glare," Gunter Fischer, Head of Exterior Body Development and Vehicle Operating Systems at Daimler AG, said about the system in its announcement. 

The video below provides an impressive demonstration of what Digital Light can do. 

Spy shots indicate that Mercedes is already testing the next-gen S-Class, and it could be ready as soon as 2020. The company's new flagship would be the perfect place to introduce cutting-edge tech like Digital Light. Plus, the timing gives Mercedes a few more years to refine the units even more.

Source:  walkoART - Videos via YouTube, Mercedes-Benz

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