You would be surprised by the amount of work it takes to put a car on its rightful stand at an auto show, especially a model such as the Bugatti Chiron with its extremely limited ground clearance. The all-silver W16 beast graced the stage of the 2018 Brussels Motor Show earlier this month and this behind-the-scenes video goes to show it required some serious preparations to drive it to and from the purpose-built stage without damaging its precious underbody.


Even while the quad turbo 8.0-liter engine is idling, the grunt coming out of the central exhaust system is almost deafening and you can imagine that at full throttle, the 1,500 Molsheim-trained horsepower sounds positively glorious. The monochrome theme might not be as fetching as some of the more lively colored examples we’ve seen in recent months, but the Chiron still appears as if it’s in a league of its own.

Behind the Chiron is a panel illustrating some of the hypercar’s key technical specifications, like the type of engine, gearbox, and top speed. It’s a change compared to the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show when the hypercar was accompanied by a panel through which Bugatti was able to brag about the hypercar’s 0-249-0 mph record in 42 seconds. Why the change? Because that record is no longer in place, having been obliterated by Koenigsegg with its Agera RS twice in just a couple of months: 36.44 seconds in October 2017 and then 33.29 seconds in November.

For the time being, the Chiron is officially rated at 261 mph (420 kph), thus making it slower than the real-life tested 277.87-mph (446.97-kph) Agera RS. Bugatti has promised to organize a top speed record-breaking attempt in 2018, but it remains to be seen whether the Veyron’s successor has what it takes to reclaim the title for the world’s fastest road-legal production car. Hennessey will also take a crack at the record with the new Venom F5.

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