Regardless if you have to go to school or work, the start of the week is always a bit depressing as the weekend seems so far away. But BMW has come up with an interesting remedy for the Monday blues by releasing a video with what it describes as being “seven oddly satisfying car-driving moments that you’ll want to watch again and again.”

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While the video was not necessarily created to promote the latest 5 Series, we get to see the business sedan with the M Sport Package getting a good wash to make the “M” logo” adorning the front fender squeaky-clean. Snow and ice are being scraped off the windshield, although any future 5 Series owner should tick the heated windshield option box as a scraper can sometimes scratch the surface of the windshield. In addition, it’s also much easier and faster to defrost the windshield at a touch of a button. Money shouldn’t be much of an issue for those in the market for brand new a 5 Series, right?

Perfectly filling up the trunk with multiple bags and boxes is like watching a Tetris game and it also caters to those suffering from mild OCD, while seeing the odometer at the nice round figure of 10,000 kilometers is always a joy. After that, the video gets a bit more interesting by showing a wheel benefiting from hydrographics, which is a technique used for water transfer printing to apply just about any desired pattern.

The penultimate relaxing moment in BMW’s vision is from the car wash, particularly during the drying phase when water is removed from the glass surfaces.

It’s the final video that makes us giggle as we get to see the 5 Series squeezing between a 1 Series and a 2 Series Active Tourer on its own, without any human input. While the driverless parking feature is nice and all, one has to wonder how the hatchback’s owner will get inside his car as there doesn’t seem to be enough room to open the door. Perhaps it’s his own fault for not properly parking the 1 Series by going over the white line… It’s the same story with the minivan, although to a lesser extent.

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