Is this real? Like, this can’t be a real thing you can buy. Is it safe? Is it legal? Is this real life anymore? Elon Musk, an entrepreneur of rockets, boring companies, and Tesla electric cars, is now selling a flamethrower. He's selling it through The Boring Company, the business he started to dig tunnels to alleviate traffic congestion.

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Actually, this isn’t a flamethrower as the name suggests. Think of it as a large lighter or propane torch instead. It certainly looks awesome. Either way, it certainly appears to be about as safe as you’d expect a giant lighter to look like. The website also offers a $30 fire extinguisher just in case things get out of hand. The Boring Company is adamant the extinguisher is overpriced. Honesty is the best policy.

But everything about the flamethrower Musk is selling just feels weird. Yes, when you click the pre-order button it does take you to a checkout screen that looks eager to take your $500. However, there a few disclaimers that appear legit while others are strange. Additional taxes and shipping costs are added at checkout. That sounds legit. There could be customs fees for international orders. Okay, that’s good to know.


But then there’s this, “Before shipping, aspiring flamethrower aficionados will be sent a terms and conditions rhyme for review and acceptance” and “May not be used on Boring Company decorative lacquered hay bales or Boring Company dockside munitions warehouses.” This just seems like some witty sales copy. Or something went terribly wrong during product testing. You just don’t throw out disclaimers like this if something bad didn’t happen. Someone is probably missing some eyebrows.

Oh, and if you do pay $500 to see if this is real, the flamethrowers begin to ship this spring. Just in time for the summer cookout season.

Source: Elon Musk, The Boring Co.

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