Get the full details of the Bloodhound SSC, and see the first pics of the car slated to top 1,000 mph. The story inside.

An automotive project being closely watched by students of over 3700 schools, colleges and universities across the UK, promises to deliver a new challenger to the World Land Speed Record.  The Bloodhound SSC show car was introduced this week at the Farborough International Airshow, and could potentially have a top speed of over 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h; Mach 1.3).

The 12.8-meter long vehicle uses an EJ200 engine more commonly found on the Eurofighter Typhoon jet.  At full power, it delivers 20,000 pounds of force, but it is not the only part of the car's powertrain.  The EJ200 will be mated with a hybrid rocket to push thrust up to 47,500 pounds of force, "the equivalent to 180 F1 cars," according to a press release.

Driver Andy Green will attempt to pilot the vehicle in a sprint from 0 to 1,000 mph in 42 seconds.  If successful, Green will beat his previous record of 760.343, set in 1997 behind the wheel of the ThrustSSC.

"Seeing our EJ200 run on the test bed was an amazing sight, and marks a significant milestone in the development of BLOODHOUND SSC," said the project's chief engineer Mark Chapman about a recent test of the car's engine.  "There's a feeling in the team that everything is starting to become very real and that Bloodhound SSC no longer exists just on a computer screen."

The project is not just a scientifict attempt to tackle the ThrustSSC's record.  It is also a genuine effort to get over 1.5 million students more interested in engineering, mathematics, science and technology.

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