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There’s been some excitement in the supercar world this week, notably for those who follow the house of the Prancing Horse. We’re talking about the upcoming Ferrari 488 Special Sport Series, which was the subject of not one but two significant leaks this week. Based on what we saw, there’s a pretty good chance the rendering above will look like the final product when it’s finally brought into the light.


The first 488 leak ripped through the global interweb on January 19 and was reported to have originated from a Ferrari dealer meeting. posted up an Instagram photo showing both a camouflaged 488, and a series of displays talking about some of the car’s features. Among them was a bold statement saying the supercar’s powerplant would be “the most power V8 engine in Ferrari history.” If the rumors of 700 horsepower are true, this will certainly be game-changing machine.


The leak also gave us some insight into the weight savings that will befall the hopped-up 488. Aside from the engine itself being 10 percent lighter, the supercar will get plenty of carbon fiber for the hood, spoiler, and both bumpers. The wheels will also lose weight – rumored to be 40 percent – compared to those on the GTB. That means significantly less rotational mass for the amped-up engine to turn, and with body tweaks said to offer a 20 percent boost in aerodynamic efficiency, there are more than a few rumors suggesting this mental machine could be faster than the LaFerrari.

And that was the just the first leak.


The second 488 leak cropped up just a couple days ago, again from an Instagram post at This one gave us a relatively clear look at what is allegedly the car itself in final form, with the aero tweaks on the front end and racing stripes clearly visible. Suffice it to say, if everything we’ve heard and seen recently is legit, this new 488 Special Sport Series (or GTO as some have been calling it) will be off-the-hook awesome.

It’s believed that Ferrari will show us this monster in March at the Geneva Motor Show. If it should show up sooner, however, we definitely won’t complain.

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