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East Coast Defender out of Kissimmee, Florida is no stranger to over-the-top Land Rover builds. The firm has previously dished out extreme offerings like Project Punisher and Project Blackout, among others. But the shop’s latest project is far from extreme – in fact, it looks like something that could have come directly from the Land Rover factory.

Dubbed Project Tuki, the subtle but handsome SUV is a fully-customized Defender 110 that was designed to celebrate its original heritage, while blending in a few modern cues in the process. Features like the Keswick Green exterior, the Land Rover heritage style grille, and the white steel wheels give this fully made-over Land Rover a classic look. Under the hood lies a rebuilt Rover V8 engine good for 175 horsepower (130 kilowatts), paired to a ZF five-speed automatic transmission.

East Coast Defender Project Tuki
East Coast Defender Project Tuki

In the cabin, the same classic styling cues carry over. Fitted with Panda Charcoal Leather Puma seats, and paired with a Nardi deep Corn Wooden steering wheel and All American Nickle series gauges, the lovely Landy retains most of its signature styling cues. But don’t think this classic-looking SUV is short on modern amenities.

Complete with an upgraded sound system and a Kenwood infotainment system, Project Tuki comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, GPS, and even a backup camera. The latter will undoubtedly be beneficial while out on the trail, or in the parking lot.

Other added features include a full checker set in metal and KBX wing top, a roof rack with a ladder and rear work light, a Defender bumper in grey with rubber end caps, and black leather on the dash door cards and center console. All told, it’s a stunning build that revives the spirit of the original. East Coast Defender doesn’t list a price on the build, but we can’t imagine something this stunning went for cheap.

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Project Tuki is a fully-customized Defender 110 from East Coast Defender that was designed to celebrate its original heritage style. With its notable heritage features such as Keswick Green exterior and Land Rover heritage style grille, this classic beauty boasts the ultimate in design and luxury.

Powered by a rebuilt Rover V-8 engine with 175 horsepower and a five-speed ZF automatic transmission, Tuki, is the ultimate attention-grabber with its Panda Charcoal Leather Puma seats, Nardi deep Corn Wooden steering wheel, All American Nickle series gauges and sophisticated sound system.

Seating up to nine, this super vehicle is a must have for any Hampton’s elite looking to tackle the open road or farmer’s market.

Despite all of its additional refinement and polished looks, Project Tuki by E.C.D. will not be mistaken for anything else by anybody. E.C.D. took this Defender 110 and upgraded it from the chassis to the gauges without removing its classic appeal.

Project Tuki embodies a mix of original charm with a hint of 21st-century style.

Project Tuki Specs:

• Defender 110
• Rebuilt RV8
• Exterior Color – Keswick Green Darker Variant
• White Steel Wheels with BF Goodrich tires
• Heritage grill
• Full Checker Set in metal and KBX Wing top
• Safety Devices Roof Rack with ladder and rear work light
• Defender bumper in grey with rubber end caps
• Panda Charcoal leather on Puma front, middle and rear seats featuring horizontal lines for a clean finish. (3 middle and 4 inward facing puma jump seats)
• Black leather on dash door cards, and center console
• Nardi Deep Corn Wooden Steering Wheel
• All American Nickle Series Gauges
• Kenwood infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, GPS, and backup camera
• Puma Dash, doors and ECD custom center console

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