It’s a known fact by now that the 4C will be getting a refresh later this year, but the bad news is the list of updates won’t include a high-performance Quadrifoglio model like the Giulia and Stelvio have received. Why? It’s not necessary, according to Pieter Hogeveen, Director of Alfa Romeo North America. In an interview with GT Spirit, the Alfa official was asked whether the 4C will receive the four-leaf clover treatment. His answer was pretty clear:

“I don’t think it needs one. It stands on its own as a performance car so there’s really no need to Quadrifoglio-ize it. It’s already the best in its class.”

Some will likely disagree with this statement taking into consideration the 4C not only has to face the Porsche Cayman, but also the newcomer in this segment, the Alpine A110, which is enjoying some very good reviews from the press.

When asked about whether those rumors about the 4C’s possible demise were true, Pieter Hogeveen replied:

“The car is still available. They are custom built to order. They are very special.”

He refused to talk about the upcoming updates, which by the way are not going to include the addition of a manual gearbox. The official reveal is expected to take place sometime this fall, with customer sales kicking off in about a year from now.

Speaking of the availability of a manual gearbox, Alfa’s official was asked whether there’s going to be a manual Giulia in North America. It’s going to happen only if there will be enough demand for it, although Pieter Hogeveen went on to add the eight-speed automatic transmission is “far superior” and an “incredible unit.”

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He also mentioned the U.S.-spec Giulia won’t be getting additional trim levels as the current ones ($38,195 Giulia, $40,195 Ti, $73,700 Quadrifoglio) are enough and the company doesn’t want to overwhelm and confuse clients by adding new trims. That being said, let’s keep in mind that FCA’s OEM service site has indicated the possible addition of a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 350 hp for a Giulia Veloce, a name already being used in Europe for 280-hp gasoline and 210-hp diesel flavors of the sporty sedan.

You can read the full interview at the source link below.

Source: GT Spirit

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