The modest gold trim definitely helps, but it's still brown.

Brown and gold are colors that work well together. They also happen to be the colors of both the University of Wyoming and Western Michigan University, the latter of which was attended by at least one staffer. Brown and gold are shades that also appear frequently on cars, or rather, in cars. There’s no denying the softness of these colors, hence why so many automakers use variations of these shades to create a very warm atmosphere for driver and passengers.

Unless you drive a 1974 Mercury Montego, however, it’s not a combination often seen on the outside.


Brown Bugatti Chiron
Brown Bugatti Chiron

And yet, here we have a new car wearing these colors proudly. It’s not just any car either, but a 1,500-horsepower, $2.5 million Bugatti Chiron, captured in this video with a bevy of other supercars including a camouflaged Ferrari. No, not a secret prototype currently being tested. . . an older 458 that's actually wearing a military-style camouflage paint job. Oh to be rich.

But we digress. This video is about a brown Bugatti, and we all know that brown isn’t the prettiest pigment in the automotive world. Honestly, it’s tough to get a proper feel for how it works on the Chiron just from this video. For starters, half of the footage was shot at night, so the hypercar may as well be black. The clip does begin with a clear look in the daylight, but even then it’s not so easy to separate this from say, a deep maroon color. We’re forced to reserve a final judgement until such a car can be viewed in person.

There’s still room to say brown certainly isn’t our first choice for the Chiron. That said, this combination isn’t bad either, especially with the gold trim arcing along the side with trim on the mirrors and grille. On camera it takes a beige appearance, and it’s downright striking.

What’s the lesson learned here? If you insist on owning a brown car, at least give it some gold and/or tan accents. It can make a controversial color look good, and it’ll get you primo parking at the next WMU football game.

Source:  G-E Supercars via YouTube

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