What prompted Porsche to take the role of the bad guy in a marketing battle with Nissan? Get the story inside.

Yet another heated marketing battle is on in the automotive industry.  This time, it is between Nissan and Porsche, with BMW and Audi also involved.

The dispute is over Nissan's guerilla marketing tactics used during, and in the run-up to, the Goodwood Festival of Speed.  At the UK event, Nissan emblazoned the sides of several vehicles with the logos of Porsche, BMW and Audi, with a series of tally marks next to each.  The tallies represent each time a Nissan car, presumably the 350Z based on the ad shown here, beat out one of its rivals at the Nurburgring.

The use of their crest had Porsche crying foul.  Their executive team told Nissan to remove the logo, or face legal action for copyright infringement.  Nissan responded by replacing the shield with the word "Porsche."

Other marketing and advertising campaigns by Nissan include the lines "Kaisers Chiefed," "The Winner Hans Down," and "The Germans Came Off Wurst."  A massive billboard wrapping around the Imax theatre in London has the tagline "How to beat the Germans."