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A new startup company will try to reinvent the production and ordering of new cars. Hackrod promises it will challenge “the traditional approach to automobile manufacturing” and is currently developing a new methodology that “will enable the rapid prototyping of bespoke vehicle solutions and will place the consumer as co-creator in the automotive space.”

Simply said, Hackrod wants you to be the designer of your own vehicle. This will be possible thanks to a technology, where prototypes are created through a special software and are then 3D printed to reality. The company will initially showcase different design templates and offer them to customers.

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“Hackrod is currently laying claim to the world’s first car designed in virtual reality, engineered by artificial intelligence, made with the full potential of advanced manufacturing, and delivered by the supply chain of the future,” the firm’s official description in MicroVentures crowdfunding organization claims.

Hackrod believes current vehicle manufacturing is still stuck in the 20th century and is not leveraging the technologies of the new century. When its technology is fully developed, customers will be able to select their own custom options, leaving the digital platform to do the “hard stuff” like component sourcing, engineering analysis, and hardware integration.

Currently, the product range of the manufacturer includes only the La Bandita, a retro-styled roadster, which uses a VR designed body and a chassis captured with 3D scanning of an existing race car. It will be the vehicle that “will bring disparate and emerging technologies together into a new manufacturing paradigm” and once this job is done, the company will then move to automating key tasks “such as structural engineering and suspension geometry, bringing the vision of consumer as co-creator vehicle design closer to reality.”

If designing your own car is your child dream, don’t miss the opportunity to check out Hackrod’s ambitious plan and support the company through its crowdfunding campaign.

Source: Hackrod on MicroVentures

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