You could be one of them.

It’s that time of the year again. No, we’re not talking about taxes, and all the big announcements for the 2018 Detroit Auto Show have come and gone already. That leaves just one thing – the Super Bowl. To be more specific we’re talking about Super Bowl commercials, because we all know sometimes they can be better than the game itself.

We haven’t heard much thus far about this year’s adventures in advertising, but Hyundai has offered up the above teaser video. Admittedly it’s thin on content – okay, very thin. In fact, here’s the entire message from the video, should you not be interested in watching 35 second of near nothing.

Last Super Bowl we surprised three heroes. This year we’ll surprise millions. And you might be one of them. See how during Super Bowl LII.

Last year, the automaker created a virtual Super Bowl viewing experience for three U.S. Army soldiers stationed in Poland, putting them in a “seat” at the game surrounded by loves ones on the screen.  The new teaser for the upcoming game seems to build on that general theme, though with millions in the mix and all of us potentially “one of them,” we struggle to see how military personnel will factor in this time.

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Hyundai already surprised a whole bunch of people – us included – by revealing the Veloster N hot hatch in Detroit. We knew the facelifted compact would arrive, but the hopped-up N variant with its 275 horsepower came without so much as even a tiny teaser. Could the automaker have some kind of new performance reveal in store for the big game? That wouldn’t really play into the heroes theme, but hey, anything is possible.

Hyundai is the official sponsor of this year’s Super Bowl, so whatever is in store, we suspect it will be attention-getting. We’ll find out with the rest of the world on February 4.

Source: Hyundai via YouTube

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