Early 309 prototype points to where design on the 308 successor is headed. The Peugeot 309 isn't expected to make it to dealer showrooms until 2013.

This is one of the first images of the upcoming Peugeot 309 - which will be the successor to the current 308.

This 309 model appears to be an early-stage mock-up prototype and this photo of it likely comes from a French car magazine.

Being so early, we shouldn't expect the final product to look like this, as the design development is likely still being overseen by Peugeot design chief Gilles Vidal.

What stands out on this 309 is the new face, which resonates the recently revealed 508, with its sleeker cat's eyes of the headlights and the tighter-looking mouth of the front grill.

The bonnet features deep grooves and the side doors too have some soft indentations to give the 309 a fleshier look.

At the rear, although its hard to tell from this single shot from the front, the hatch seems more economically flat in contrast to the larger bulges at the ends where the taillights are fitted which appear similar to the current 308.

The new 309 won't be making it to dealer showrooms until 2013.